Dump Day: A Separate Peace

The setting: Sophomore English class with my BFF.

Sounds like a great time, right? Yeah, we were pretty amped to have a class together. However, we argued endlessly over this book. She loved it; I hated it.

What did I hate exactly? I found it boring mostly. Maybe if I reread it with 27-yr-old eyes I’d like it a little better, but the odds of that happening are…well…zero.

Even though I almost (read as totally) related to our lovely main character, Gene, I didn’t really give a crap about him at all. He was introverted and smart (score!), but he was also kind of a doormat when it came to anything his friend, Phineas, did/said/wanted to do or say. Just typing that made me annoyed and unhappy with this book all over again.

Anyway…the book finally ended (and I’d tell you what happened, as I remember it, but that’d be a major spoiler). My BFF, she cried. What did I do? I laughed–and it was not a laughable event that closed this fine piece of literature.