Finding Faith in the ‘Faithless’

I just finished watching Blue Like Jazz, and I must say while it’s under the Comedy section on Netflix that seems ill-fitting.

Yes there were plenty of humorous scenes, instances, and anecdotes. The characters are colorful and make for some funny interactions. But, it was so much more than that. Technically it’s labeled under Drama as well…which in reality makes more sense in my head.

Given my recent reading into Paganism, or nature centered religions, it definitely struck home to some extent. While I didn’t grow up Baptist, Catholic, any other kind of Christian or Pagan, the framework is still adequately applicable.

As a child we believe in something–be it fairies, vampires, Greek mythology, or Christian scripture. We believe this to be true, without an ounce of doubt. Sometimes because we’ve not yet learned to question such beliefs, and other times because we feel that there is something unique to each of us within that context. The hard part is sometimes admitting to that faith, to not letting it go due to societal norms or the pressures we feel as young adults.

I would just like to say, from one non-religious person to a whole lot of varied internet goers, don’t be ashamed of YOUR beliefs. Even if they’re viewed as different or weird. If your friends and family don’t agree or simply aren’t totally on board. They are yours, and only yours, to decide. We all live different experiences and through those come to know a slightly different version of g(G)od(s), and that is perfectly acceptable and in my opinion, my fantastic. And if you’re of a Christian faith…doubting and questioning are natural, healthy reactions to all things. Just because you may not adhere 115% to your religion’s doctrines or trust its scripture doesn’t mean you’ve abandoned faith.