Dump Day: The Magical Household—Spells & Rituals for the Household

I didn’t actually read the whole book. Read several chapters in full, including the Preface and Intro which were sadly the best parts I could find.

Cunningham and Harrington create a typical image of a magical person and the way they live. That’s not to say it’s wrong, but I wasn’t looking for stereotypical ideals or descriptions.

While written well, and helpful in some ways, I wouldn’t say that this a book of ‘Spells and Rituals.’ It’s a book of folk-lore, old wives tales, and other folk traditions that most of us have heard of in some form or another. There are, however, a few with chants/words to repeat to purify, protect, or garner something you may desire. There are lists of herbs and incense to be used for the aforementioned purposes and the section on cleaning house/bath were kind of interesting–mostly to see how they were viewed in ancient times and the various myths associated with them.

Overall, it was nothing special; nothing that can’t be found just as easily through a quick Google search if you have a specific purpose in mind (i.e. colors/stones/herbs/scents used for purification, etc). And Googling is cheaper and a lot faster than sifting through a book that doesn’t have the best organizational structure. But, should you choose to sift, the chapters are short as are paragraphs and excellent for skimming until you find what you’re looking…if you find what you’re looking for.



Once Upon a Prince, by Rachel Hauck

Review can be found at The Celebrity Cafe.

I started this on Friday, I believe and finished it this morning around 3am. Practically reading the majority of it yesterday and last night. I’m not usually one for romance novels, let alone Christian romance ones, but for what it was this really wasn’t bad. It was fun and easy to get through. The characters are likeable and realistic. Even the settings of St. Simons Island and Brighton are quite amazing. I’d definitely live in either place, I think.

But, what I left out of my review for publication were my feelings on the religion factor. While having faith and being Christian are all fine and good as far as I’m concerned, the prevalence of it sort of ruined the story for me. Sure the budding couple bond over their faith–great. Even the instances where each of them speaks of feeling a “Presence” in certain places, like St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Brighton or Christ Church on the Georgian island town, didn’t bother me. But when they started praying together, aloud, and handing their lives over to God’s will (so to speak) that was crossing some comfort level boundaries for me.

The difference you might ask?
Feeling a Presence or something Holy in a particular place feels natural, to me. Even outside of a Christian context that seems completely likely, plausible, and a situation that a majority of people can connect with. The presence of something divine, of something bigger and deeper that we all have a connection to–whatever it may be, or whatever name we may call it by. It’s universal and I love that!

However, handing over my entire life to that entity…allowing some plan to magically unfold before me as if I have no part in it…no thank you. That doesn’t jive with me. While I believe in a higher power, an ultimate supreme being, I don’t like to think that whatever/whoever that is has my life planned out–unbeknownst to, without any input from or consultation with me.

Finish What You Start

I am determined to finish Tuck…today. If not today, by the end of this week. Submit my review to The Celebrity Cafe and move on!

Less than 100 pages left, which is so much nearer the end than when I finally picked this back up! Typically, reviews are supposed to be done within 2-3 weeks of receiving the book from the publisher, and normally I have a turn around of about 2-3 days (yeah, I’m bragging a little, sue me). But the 2nd and 3rd books of this trilogy have been pains for me. Not that they’re hard to read by any means, but my interest is waning and, well…the review will show how I really feel about it.

Dump Day: Siddhartha

Like Eastern religion, thought, philosophy? This is a great place to get a start on that journey if you want to.

However, I’d already been on that journey by the time I got around to reading this. Therefore, it was a little lackluster.

There were plenty of things to love about it. Great characters, simple but moving descriptions, good storyline. All that stuff that we like about good books.

But, because it didn’t leave me feeling any more or less inspired, enlightened, or even thoughtful…it gets a dump day.

Had I decided to go on my ‘read all the books that Charlie reads The Perks of Being a Wallflower’ mission the first time I read that book…Siddhartha woulda been the shit!

So if you’re 15-17, trying to find yourself and figure shit out—go here. Even if you’re, like, 30-dead and in that position—go here. If you’re looking for a simple way to understand Eastern religion, for whatever reason you might do that—you can go here too. But if you’ve already established a pretty firm grasp of your life/world view and it looks remotely like any Eastern religion—stray, stray far away.