Pretty Little Liars

Every Wednesday, the day after it airs, I watch ABCs Pretty Little Liars on Hulu. On Tuesdays I get so excited for my Wednesday night event that it’s a little ridiculous. I mean, it’s just a television show after all! But, after starting the show on Netflix about a year ago with a serious binge of the first season (and a half, maybe) I couldn’t just give it up.

Every episode is full of suspense, not to mention killer fashion. However, the fashion is sometimes I little over the top for me (Hanna). Even though I’m fairly sure that no real, 16-17 year old girl really dresses like that daily, there is plenty to the wardrobe that I would love to add to my own adult closet selection.

Now, after being prompted by a friend, I’ve started the book series. According to my trusted friend, who is not a booky like myself, the books are even better, more suspenseful, and fashion name dropping than the show. Because she’s not one to delve into a book, let alone a series, and become entire absorbed it must be pretty rivetting.


3 thoughts on “Pretty Little Liars

  1. I ❤ this show and seriously wait for it every week! The books are great you'll love them 🙂


    1. It’s addictive! I’m sure the books will be similar. Thanks for the comment, glad to have some readers out there.


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