Flawless, Book 2 Pretty Little Liars

Started and finished Flawless yesterday, during my lazy/girly Sunday.

Dynamic between characters
Little less name dropping

Not too much really

Sara Shepard’s writing seems to have gotten exponentially better in Flawless. It’s still just as much of a page turner with constant drama or action, but the chapters don’t end out of nowhere and while there are still plenty of labels name-dropped, it’s not nearly as relentless as in the first book. Thank goodness!

We get it already: they’re rich private prep school girls in a kitschy town full of seemingly perfect people!! But what makes the quartet likeable is the many, many flaws they each have.

Unlike the show, Shepard’s words are able to bring us a new look at each girl and her motives for actions and lack of action. With insight into their minds’ inner workings readers can come to more full understand that characters. As with Pretty Little Liars the personalities continue to grow thanks to this method.

As a result of getting to know how each girl thinks of herself, her surroundings, and her “friends,” the dynamic between them and those in their life gets more interesting. In the show it seems like they’re constantly running out on someone without a reason–which they also do in the novels, but here it seems vaguely less spastic. I mean, what would you do if you were in the midst of tryst with your hottie AP English teacher and suddenly got a semi-anonymous text basically saying ‘I know what you’re doing and I can ruin your lives’? Personally, I’d probably freak a little too.

With Alison’s body found, the texts from A stopped. For awhile anyway. The problem(s) seemed to be under control, until Toby and Jenna Cavanaugh return to Rosewood putting the girls on edge yet again.

Because I’ve watched the first 3 seasons, I know what’s happening…for the most part. I remember episodes that play out all the main events and all the suspense that I felt during them. What the books offer, thus far, is a lot more depth. The in-between happenings may seem insignificant for a show, but they really bring a new level of sense to the situations Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer find themselves in.

Starting Perfect, book 3, today. Cannot wait!