Perfect, Pretty Little Liars Book 3

Spent my evening reading, and finishing, Perfect. The story just keeps getting better!

Action between A fiascos
Hanna isn’t completely shallow


I must say I was a little bit unsure how much better the books could be than the show. Considering Sara Shepard has been working with ABC Family to produce the show in accordance with the books, I assumed it was pretty accurate. And, in reality it is, however, the books offer SO much more.  

There are some flashback memories in the show, as are in the novels, but there aren’t as many. In Perfect we get video footage of the girls together, flashbacks from scenarios with each Pretty Little Liar, as well as some major conflict with Spencer (whose character has just solidly taken the position of favorite for me–even though in reality I’m probably a bit more of an Aria).

Sure the show is filled with tons of A drama–notes, emails, texts and more–as well as other teen-girl drama, but the books offer insight into the girls’ lives outside of A. Shepard is able to illustrate the complexities of their relationships with each other, friends and family, and of course Ali, in way that the show doesn’t allow.

The biggest complaint I have with Sara Shepard’s writing is the constant reminders that “Ezra is Aria’s AP English teacher”, “nothing is ever what it seems'”, and other similar instances. Not to mention, there’s a lot of reuse of descriptors, not just between each novel but within in them as well–like Rosewood apparently smells like Neutrogena sunscreen. Yes, it’s Young Adult Fiction, but she doesn’t give her readers/fans enough credit!

Perfect brings to light more potential suspects, incriminates Spencer who seems more than just a little off kilter, destroys relationships for more than one girl, and just makes you want more! No surprise there. Of course, just when they think they know who A really is…something unexpected and awful follows.