Unbelievable, Pretty Little Liars Book 4

Less teen relationship drama

Back to somewhat abrupt endings

Of course I still like and dislike all the other stuff I’ve liked about previous books too, but Shepard’s writing has definitely gotten better the further the series goes. While she still name-brand-name-drops quite a bit, it’s a lot less frequently that the first novel. Now it’s at least used in a way to give an accurate portrayal of someone or a situation, rather than just throwing it in to show that, ‘Hey these girls are RICH.’

I also really like that when a relationship ends, it just…ends. Granted that’s not entirely true of teen dating, or any relationships, most of the time, but I really enjoy that the Fitz story isn’t a long drawn out merry-go-round type of deal like it is in the show. Similarly, Maya and Emily’s relationship goes the same route; as does Aria and Sean Ackards’. Personally, I prefer this to the up and down, back and forth mumbo-jumbo that the show gives. However, I understand that it’s a primetime DRAMA so without that it’s more a mystery/horror show.

Also, the books are 100% more crazy than the show. A continues to seem helpful, in some ways, with her bitchiness. Mona-as-A kidnaps Spencer and tries to fight her to the death. Unfortunately for Mona, that doesn’t work in her favor, which leaves Hanna without a BFF yet again.

Honestly, I should have written this before I started reading Book 5 because now I’m trying not to mingle the details and muddled the facts presented in Book 4. So, it’s probably best that I walk away at this point…next review will be more thorough and hopefully, coherent.