Killer, Pretty Little Liars Book 6

Character building

Lack of action

Sadly, my like and dislike sort of go hand in hand. Throughout Killer there’s a lot less A action and more average teenage drama. What’s nice about that is that Shepard can build the characters even further and give more depth to their personal situations…like Spencer’s messed up family situation.

By doing this, readers really start to feel for the girls–and feel what they feel. There are a number of times where I hated Spencer’s family just as much as she did, or felt as skeeved out by Xavier as Aria does. Taking a break from the suspenseful action we’re used to does make for a slower read, yet allows readers to really step into the girls’ shoes for a little while. Which in some ways is a great way to feel as if you’ve really entered into that world, rather than just watching from the outside. Sure that’s a little escapist of me…and a therapist would probably say that’s not healthy…but that’s part of what I love (and always have loved) about books/reading!

Jason DiLaurentis and Wilden finally become the questionable characters they’ve always appeared to be in the show. Maya may be on that list too, it’s hard to tell for sure, but she’s definitely acting a little A-like with the sneaking up on Emily and all. With more and more people becoming suspicious, Aria, Spencer, Hanna, and Emily seem to finally be coming together more fully than ever before. And it’s about time. They’ve placed themselves right in the line of danger by contacting Ian for information and have just found a secret they never expected.