Heartless, Pretty Little Liars Book 7

After the shocking end of Book 6, one can only imagine that things get even crazier. Can. Not. Wait.

Noel Khan
Ali hallucinations

Wilden–go figure
Rosewood PD
Kate and Isabel, paired with Mr. Marin

oh my god. Oh My God. OH MY GOD. Of all the craziness I thought was the show, this book has topped it all! There is so much action, so much drama, and so much crazy all rolled into less than 300 pages. How that’s possible? No idea, but who cares!

Noel is a freaking sweetheart. Unlike the Noel we see on TV, “Book Noel” as we’ll call him is sweet, tender, and has way more depth than ever expected. After bumping into Aria at a metaphysical shop for a séance that sends her bolting, he shares his big secret. Not only does he share, he helps her cope with Ali’s disappearance and death in a way no one else has been able to. Go Book Noel, I love you!

As usual the Ali moments are recurring, but this time, she seems more real and much more willing to take the girls’ side. From Aria experiencing her through a psychic medium to Hanna being institutionalized, to Spencer’s memories resurfacing and Emily visiting Amish-town-USA to find clues there’s not a moment of dullness. Yet, the snooping has to end sometime and by now they should know that it never ends well.

The closer these Pretty Little Liars get to finding the truth, the deeper the hole they’ve dug seems to become. Slowly but surely, small pieces of the mystery are being uncovered. Or are they? What seem like links to Ali have a way of turning on Aria, Emily, Spencer, and Hanna. Maybe A is uncovering mysteries of her own, one secret at a time.