REVIEW: Recipes for a Sacred Life

Short chapters

My inability to read just one
Lack of closure

Rivvy Neshama’s Recipes for a Sacred Life: True Stories and a Few Miracles is a light, quick read to keep on the bedside table. Meant, most likely, to be read in a daily proverb way, chapters are short and too the point. Due to their conciseness at times they lack the amount of detail needed to convey emotion or closure fully.

That aside, Neshama has a spirit that is boundless. It radiates out from her words into your mind and soul. Several stories hit so deeply I found myself getting a bit choked up and teary-eyed from time to time. Even read like a “normal” novel, the point won’t be missed.

Recipes for a Sacred Life, as laid out by Rivvy Neshama, is easy for anyone to follow. Whether you’re a yogi, meditation student, teacher, or average joe with no experience of spirituality or enlightenment, Neshama has plenty to offer–from family and life anecdotes to glimpses of the Divine in every day drudgery.