Readers, Book Lovers and Bloggers—Come One, Come All

I have a vision for this blog. I’ve had a vision the whole time, but have kind of failed to make it reality. It’s apparent that I can’t do it 100% alone. So, I’m asking for the internet’s collective assistance.

Writing reviews for Utne Reader is great. It exposes me to books I wouldn’t typically choose for myself, and because they’re free I get to see a lot of new stuff before it hits the masses. All wonderful! But, simply posting links to reviews with a bit of extra info was not the plan when I started Read It & Weep.

The Vision

Monthly book reviews of things I’m reading for myself, plus links to any reviews for Utne. Yes, I am insane and believe I can successfully read AND review 2 books a month for different, yet similar audiences. That being said, they probably won’t be Infinite Jest length books, although it is on the TBR list. Those books take time and real effort and will one day, probably-maybe appear here, but it’s gon’ take some time!

hump day, dump day

Hump Day, Dump Day, every Wednesday. Again, nothing incredibly long, dense or complex. I’m hoping some will be things I’ve already read, or new ones that are fairly easy to breeze through. I’ve got a couple of my own in mind, but they’ll quickly run out. There are a few examples here already, the longest of which is Anna Karenina (but I did NOT finish that shit).

What I Need from You

Hump Day, Dump Day Recommendations: Not a request most would ask for, or wish upon anyone. I want to know which books I should read because you hate them. Maybe hate is too strong a word. At the very least, books you dislike, didn’t really enjoy, or that you find have some general flaw(s). Although, I will gladly accept suggestions for good books to read too!

Blog/Website Recommendations for all things book related. Hopefully on off days, I can still reblog or share posts about books and/or writing that I like. They might be funny, informational, thought provoking, or just fun. As long as it’s booky, it’s fair game! There are a few websites I try to keep up with, but I know there are way more out there. There’s a whole book-ternet-iverse waiting to be consumed!

The more I post, the better the blog. The better the blog, the more engaging it can be. That’s really all I want. A great community of book nerds, just loving all the books together!