The Best of ’90s Books

If you didn’t know, Buzzfeed now has a books section. While I’m not always into their picture heavy style, it’s nice when you just want something to breeze through but still be invested. Or take quizzes, it’s great for that!

Recently, I found their 19 Quintessential Books of the ’90s and thought the rundown was spot-on. Plus, it included more books I’d read than expected. My all-time, ultimate favorite The Perks of Being a Wallflower is listed at #3. I’m not sure the books are listed in any particular order, but I’m going to pretend they are so my favorite can be in the top 10.

Most of the books, I’ve heard of but never read. A lot of them, like The Virgin Suicides and Prozac Nation, are on my TBR list. I know, for shame. Please don’t hate me. Someday I will get to them all!!

’90s Books I’ve read:
White Oleander
Fight Club
Girl, Interrupted

That’s right, only 4 out of 19! More are living on the bookshelf, but Trainspotting was sometimes hard to follow when I started it, and The Infinite Jest is infinitely intimidating me. I’ve got some serious reading catch-up to play!