Read at Work

I’ve seen talk of a program, that simulates MS Office applications or a desktop view that allows you to read at work, while still looking as if you’re doing work. It was one Buzzfeed, who found it here. Supposedly from New Zealand Book Council, I read both articles and thought, “Hey this sounds like a novel idea.” (Pun intended.)

Until I went to the Read at Work site. It looks, basically, like a blog where the first article is about poker. Not There is a post about reading at work in the broadest sense, but not this trickery of ‘reading that looks like working.’ I know I’d certainly like to be able to do that from time to time! It’s also not affiliated with the New Zealand Book Council sites, and a search of their site didn’t return any results for such a device.

Something is afoul, but I don’t disagree with Raul, at Read at Work’s, tips. You should definitely not let your reading, or desire to read, conflict with actual work duties or other work related tasks. His idea for testing books, is great! I often read the synopsis and introduction — or first chapter(s) — at bookstores and the library. Amazon will let you “look inside” many of their books now, too, for a little taste. It helps a ton to make sure you’re getting what you really want, particularly for cookbooks and the like.

I read at work, regularly. Mostly on the internet, but also actual books and/or ebooks. That’s what lunch is for! If you can set time aside during your lunch, or any other breaks throughout the day, for reading you can manage to get quite a bit in! If you’re a fast, or speed, reader you’ll fly through chapters with time to spare. I can’t read for the whole hour because once I’ve eaten, I head into food coma pretty quick and reading only makes the sleepiness worse. Instead, I give myself a maximum of 30 minutes of reading/writing time and the remaining is food time.

Many people feel they don’t have the time to read, which is understandable. After working a full-time job, you come home to have dinner to make, kids to care for, or some other household task to complete. You have relationships to maintain and Netflix to watch. It’s Tuesday and your favorite show is on or you signed up for that yoga class. By reading at work, you can give everything you love your full attention without feeling you’ve cut yourself short.