#GIRLBOSS | Book Review

#GIRLBOSS | Book Review.

A book I wanted to read, now I think I need to read. So it goes!

#GIRLBOSS sounds like something we all, at least secretly, dream of. As someone who loves writing, being creative but also super-over-disgustingly productive Sophia Amoruso could be my new spirit animal. Along with Amy Poehler, Kesha, and a strange array of other women who rock! I think I’ve silently been channeling this #girlboss energy for the past month or so, whipping myself into shape in all kinds of life aspects. As The Rocky Horror Picture Show should have taught us all, “don’t just dream it, be it!”


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  1. Thank you for linking my review! :o) I had no idea until now. So glad you got a chance to read it, I refer back to it time to time for that extra spark of motivation!


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