Review: Grace’s Guide

To sum it up. Grace’s Guide: Nailed it!

Grace Helbig is consistently hilarious, endearing and just great. In a world that’s often full of digital overload, it can be super hard to find authenticity. If you’ve struggled with that, or maybe you’re just having a shit day, pick up this book and give a chapter or two a quick read. (Or head over to her YouTube if you’ve got real time to kill.) I promise it will be worth it. If it’s not: Sorry, maybe we aren’t online or IRL friends and I just don’t get you.

Grace is humble and honest. I think. Mostly, at least. She’s not trying to mask her weird or awkward and I freaking love that about her. She’s just 100% Grace, all the time. Good job!

I think Grace and I are pretty close to the same-ish age, so these lessons are ones I’ve already learned. Hello being 29, you really snuck up on a girl. However, that didn’t make this book any less fun or good. I got to learn a few things that I maybe didn’t know before, and several instances were laugh-out-loud funny. Maybe not full belly laugh funny, but definite audible giggling.

Grace offers tips that are perfect for anyone who is still in, or freshly out of, college. We’ve all been where you are right now. Not exactly where you are, but some alternate universe version of it maybe. It’s nice to know, at any age and point in life, that you aren’t/weren’t alone in your ridiculousness. Shhh, just let Grace comfort you with that kind of solace and camaraderie.

Grace’s Guide: The Art of Pretending to Be a Grown-Up, for those who could be daydream about being Grace’s friend, will remind you just how far you’ve really come. That life after 21 (hell, even after 25) has a lot to offer. Just like you! You’re creative and smart and a great time, even without frequent all-nighters, binge drinking and walks of shame. And, ya know what, it feels pretty damn good.

And for those that are younger, more impressionable and still have a full life ahead of you: listen to Grace’s advice as you adventure through this thing called growing up. Sometimes it’s fun. Sometimes it’s scary. But at least you have some sage advice from someone you trust and can totally relate to. But, newsflash: Your mom really does always know best! Unless your mom is a junkie prostitute, then maybe don’t take all of her advice. Too far? Oops, sorry. Your mom, like Grace Helbig, is a peach. Love her. Cherish her.