Best Female Coming-of-Age Books

As pointed out in Flavorwire’s Girl Canon: 50 Essential Books About the Female Experience, girls read more than boys. (I know I’ve read more than most of the boys I’ve known in my life.) Yet, almost all the coming-of-age tales I’ve read (and loved!) have male protagonists, along with a bunch of their male friends. There’s usually at least one quirky—but attractive—female friend, lead, or character. But she’s not our focus, so get back to the real, important story at hand, girls! We can probably chalk this discrepancy up to the fact that most authors, reviewers and writers are male and therefore can’t really know what it’s like to be a girl growing up in the world—or express our views, opinions, and feelings on topics, related or unrelated. So, if you’ve been dying to read a story you can relate to on deeper level, check out the books this article offers up!