To Resolve, or Not to Resolve? That Is The Question

New year, new you. That’s generally the idea, but it seems false and I kind of like the old me, so why become “new?” Instead, I’ll strive for a better version of the old me.

Historically speaking, I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions because they never last. And when I have made them, they tend to be a vague, more philosophical, if you will, resolution than anything concrete. As with most resolutions, I typically don’t meet said resolution head on at any time throughout the year.

This year, I’ve resolved to set myself some goals (not resolutions) for the coming months.

  1. Collect 25-60 pages of poems. Then consider self-publishing a book of collected poems, which is a little scary.
  2. Re-naturalize our home and routines. Basically, get back to eating better, treating my body better, and focus on getting my personal care and household products all on the non-toxic, eco-friendly track.
  3. Minimize, minimize, minimize. Let go of more belongings and get down to the “bare necessities” (which will include Netflix and internet access). Also, work on saving money and reducing the need for money.
  4. Experience more. My man is quite the adventurer, and I am quite the lover of, at least, the idea of adventure. This year, I’d like to try more adventuring experiences…with fewer complaints and less hemming and hawing than in the past.
  5. Write more. See below.


Old me has always been drawn to blogging, from the times of Xanga until now. But, every time I’ve started a blog…I’ve “failed.” Content would be consistent for awhile, then it would drop off. I’d get too busy or feel too uninspired. Sometimes, I just felt like I had nothing new or useful to say. One missed post would turn into two, then five, then it’d be months before I logged back in. It happened on WordPress (more than once) and Tumblr, so it wasn’t that I didn’t enjoy a given platform.

This blog originally started after blogging on Tumblr. I had decided that I had found “my” niche, and to separate my book review content from other miscellany would only benefit me and my blogging efforts. (Newsflash: It didn’t, but you can still find all my bookish content here.)

So, I tried co-blogging for awhile. And, for a few months, it seemed to work much better. I wasn’t solely responsible for creating content, so on week’s that felt too busy to write, I could check-in with my blogging buddy (and irl BFF) to see if she could post something that week, and vice versa. But then we both got busy and things, once again, fell short. Our poor little blog was rarely updated and kind of forgotten.

Once again, I feel drawn to blogging. So, in an attempt to set myself up for success — no niche subject matter restraints. If something compels me to write, then write about it I will. In my mind’s eye, there will still be book- or writing-related content, along with anything else in life that strikes my fancy.

Feature image via Pixabay/Pexels.