Am I a Minimalist?

I wouldn’t say so, and neither would the amount of stuff in my home. Although some of my friends may disagree given my tendency to purge possessions quite regularly. How regularly? At least once or twice a year—sometimes more—and I get rid of plenty of things we no longer need, find useful, or simply don’t want.


Early last year, I read Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and proceeded to recommend it to anyone who would listen, especially if I knew they enjoyed organization as much as I do. Since I am fairly organized, I wasn’t sure how much I’d get from the book, but after giving her decluttering method a shot, I was shocked. Our home was tidier and my underwear drawer had never been so organized! One particular spot of suddenly free vertical space (bye-bye bookshelf!) made me so happy. I craved more of that light, free feeling.

In July, we moved approximately 10 hours away from that original, clutter-free home. Once again, pre-move, we purged what we could to lighten our load—literally and figuratively.

Downsizing from a 750-square-foot, two bedroom apartment to a 500-square-foot, one bedroom seemed like a reasonably huge feat, but we did it. Now that all of our remaining belongings are in our new, smaller space, it often feels…cramped. At least to me. Mind you, we have plenty of room for everything and to maneuver, but one pair of shoes left in the floor now equals clutter and drives me crazy much faster than ever before.

The transition of moving also came with new jobs and, thus, new schedules. We seem busier than before, but that could be due to our slightly opposing shifts at work. Since we’re either busier, home less or, perhaps, lazier, the smaller space feels cluttered much more frequently.


A few weekends ago, we watched “Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things” on Netflix. On our 40+ inch, flat-screen TV. Naturally, the movie spurred my innate desire to “let go” of things into high gear, once again.

So, am I a minimalist? Maybe. One in progress.

Feature image by hervé castaing/Flickr.