Creating a Self-Care Routine

I recently wrote a blog for Mother Earth Living on the importance of self-care and it is something I sincerely believe in. I know the value of taking the time to care for myself, yet I’m not great at keeping up with it.

Over the years, I’ve created a number of self-care routines, if you will. Each routine seems easy enough to maintain and is at first, but eventually, I get off track. For a time, I was keeping track of my daily acts of self-care — it could be something as simple as taking a shower to working out or meditating — which worked as a way of staying accountable to myself. I also made a point to create a gratitude list, every day.

During these times, my mood and attitude were consistently more positive. I felt happier, more motivated and creative. Even though I know these facts, I still fall short, time and time again, at maintaining the plan.

Why Even Bother with Self-Care & Gratitude?

Regular acts and practices of self-care help reduce stress and maintain overall well-being. By taking care of ourselves, we’re better able to keep up with various personal and professional obligations. Research has also shown that a daily gratitude practice can improve mood, sleep, and immunity.

If you’re anything like me, when you think of “gratitude” or “self-care” you think of big things. We’re grateful for our families, comfortable living, etc. We think of self-care as healthy eating or exercise. But there are plenty of simple things, like a sunny day or your favorite meal, to be grateful for. And just as many that are acts of self-care, from wearing your favorite outfit to exercising. It’s not the size of the act, but the intention!

My Ideal Self-Care Routine

  • Daily journaling
  • Weekly baths
  • Eating well + drinking plenty of water
  • 5+ minutes of meditation, daily
  • Yoga + aerial/circus arts
  • 20+ minutes of reading, daily
  • Writing every day (a poem, blog, short story, anything)

Do you practice regular self-care or gratitude? If so, share some of your favorite acts of self-care or simple things you’re grateful for!

Feature image via Pixabay/gefrorene_wand.