What Do We Want? Feminism!

When do we want it? Now!

Okay, maybe that’s a little extreme for the beginning of this post, but maybe not. Feminism, as a movement, has a vital history and it’s something we’re still working toward in 2017.


A year or two ago, you would have never heard me call myself a feminist. I didn’t consider myself educated enough to place that label on myself, yet I found myself constantly reading blogs and articles and magazines that were filled with feminist ideas or blatantly feminist publications. Eventually, I found Bitch Media.

I subscribed to the magazine, then renewed. I gave the gift of Bitch to a friend and renewed my subscription, once again. I joined the b-hive and made small, monthly donations.


After moving, I missed several issues. Once I got my address change verified, they kindly extended my subscription to make up for the missing issues. Once I received the Chaos Issue, after a few short articles, I realized how much I had missed, not only the magazine itself but any similar content.

Why I had stopped trolling feminist blogs and websites? I’m not sure. Life probably got busy with moving, then job hunting and, by that point, I didn’t even realize I was missing feminist media.

Was it possible my various feeds were devoid of such content? It seems unlikely given my group of friends. Then again, I don’t religiously my check social networks.

The fact of the matter was that, in a matter of months, I had forgotten how positive, motivated, and alive the ideas and information in Bitch — and other sources — make me feel. Although I still wouldn’t consider myself super-well-educated on such topics, I do know that I love feminism and need more of it in my life!

Featured image by dimitrisvetsikas1969/Pixabay.