Minimizing: Personal Library

I’ve been reading for almost as long as I can remember. As a child, I had Hooked-on-Phonics at an early age when my mom noticed my interest in books and storytime. She was smart enough to feed that interest and it grew as I did.

In high school, I was one of few friends who still read for fun. This trend continued into college, sometimes to the detriment of my actual coursework.

As a creative writing major, I read plenty throughout college. After graduation, I was a bit burnt out on reading, so I took a little break. I read primarily YA novels or nothing at all. When I finally got a full-time job (unrelated to my degree), I didn’t always feel that there was enough time to read. I was so fried by the end of the day that I would just come home to Netflix. However, over time, I developed quite the personal library.

One bookshelf dedicated, mostly, to my to-be-read books. One for books I had read. And one small bookshelf strictly for Russian literature.

Our remaining book collection, aside from guidebooks, reference materials and my Russian lit collection, fits on one shelf now!

After decluttering last year, I was able to shrink that to the small Russian lit bookshelf and one other shelf. Our largest bookshelf was gone, but we still had plenty of books. The book hoarder lover in me was appeased, even though I knew I could have gotten rid of more.

On my current mission to minimize, I hadn’t even considered letting go of books. Then, I was given a hefty sum on an iTunes card for my birthday and wasn’t sure what to use it for. I finally decided to put it to good use as a way to start downsizing my personal library — switch to ebooks.

Books leaving the physical library.

There are still physical copies I refuse to part with — The Perks of Being a WallflowerWuthering Heights, Summer Sisters, and all of my Nabokov novels, to name a few — but others with a bit less personal meaning that I’m willing to go digital with. Filling by iBooks shelf allows me to have access to some of my favorite books without consuming physical space — a win-win situation.

Featured image by JayMantri/Pixabay.