3 Allergen-Free Oils

So you just discovered you have some food allergies. Bummer! Since you can no longer eat like a normal person — kidding! — you’re right to think that your diet might get a little complicated. You ask yourself if you can do this? Well, yes. Yes, you can! Many of us are always trying to be a bit healthier, so I did a little research to find which oils are allergen-safe.

Education is my friend, and yours! Although I don’t need to swap oils, maybe I can help you transition into this new, über healthful life. All the oils should be easy to find at any local grocery store (I could find them all on Wal-Mart’s website).

Soy & Nut Oils

Photo provided by realsimple.com; Clive Champion/Getty Images
Purpose: Cooking

I know — you’re allergic — I must be insane. Well, I’m not! Peanut, almond, or any-kind-of-nut-you-can-imagine oil is supposedly allergen-free. Who would have thought?!? Certainly not me. Soy oil (sometimes used in cooking sprays) is also on this list.

Due to the way that nuts and soybeans are processed for oil they’re missing the proteins that are often the source of allergic reactions. Depending on the severity of your allergy, or whether you know for sure it is the proteins that are causing the problem, I don’t think I’d be too keen on testing the theory.

Canola & Olive Oils

Photo provided by Priya Johnson @ buzzle.com
Purpose: Cooking; and some beauty

These two are probably the most common and easiest to get your hands on. While canola oil is best used for cooking, olive oil looks to be well worth what we pay for it. Maybe you don’t have the homesteading desire that I do, but you could still whip up a batch of homemade soap with that olive oil as a great gift around the holidays (or just because you wanted to try making soap, whatever).

Coconut Oil

Photo provided courtesy of elanaspantry.com

Okay. This is the guru of oils. All bow to the Great Coconut Oil!! I have minimal experience with it but have heard praises and accolades through the lands about how fantastic it is. You can use it for pretty much anything.

It can withstand high heat so it’s great for frying or other cooking endeavors. Use it to replace milk in your coffee and the dairy in your butter, or take it daily as a supplement. It also works wonders in creams, soaps, and lotions for all ages. It can even be used for nearly any self-pampering you could need. The possibilities are endless!!

Originally written for the WordPress blog Taste for Two.