30 Days Bra-Free

For starters, I’m slightly bummed about not posting for a few weeks. I’d been doing so well since the beginning of the year, even during the few times I felt like I had nothing to blog about, then I stopped to remind myself that things have been hectic lately and it’s okay to not always be 100% on.

We moved to a new place about a month ago, officially, and have been getting situated here. Some family emergencies, all of which threw me for quite the loop, happened. One of which has been my #1 cat-mom fear…Gizmo was diagnosed with diabetes. It’s been a stressful, emotional roller coaster, but things seem to be starting to settle down. Sooo, I wanted to get back to blogging with this silly little experiment.

Bra-free, as it says in the title, is mostly an exaggeration. But for the entire month of June I didn’t wear a single bra with underwire, which is almost as good!

Not at all what my body looks like in a sports bra!

After watching some YouTube videos about various experiences of ladies opting to go bra-free, I thought this was worth a try. For most, it seemed to be a transition rather than an immediate change—bralettes/sports bra for a certain amount of time, then no bra. Knowing from the start that bra-free life isn’t for me, at least at this moment in time, I wondered how I would feel—physically and mentally—if the underwires just stayed in the drawer.

Initially, I was relegated to sports-bra-city. Not exactly cute or very flattering, on me. Once, I added a couple fancier, yet simple, bralettes I discovered that I could still feel put together and good in my underthings.

Did my boobs look awful and/or non-existent? Somewhat to my surprise, no. Did they look super-awesome? No, not usually. Definitely not on an actual-sports-bra day. However, life was far more comfortable. Aside from that, nothing really changed for me.

Will I ditch underwires forever? Probably not. Some clothes just look better (on me) with a “better” bra and my better bras are underwire. But this little experiment helped me realize that a push-up bra, or underwire at all, definitely isn’t necessary in order to feel “sexy.”

Featured image by Daniel Santalla/StockSnap.io.

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    1. I used to wear those tanks with the built-in shelf bra and loved it! But, alas, my body has changed since then…maybe I can get back to that tho, because it was glorious!!


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