Learn to Listen: Intuition

in-tu-i-tion n.
the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.

The word intuition has been around since late Middle English and, at that time, specifically meant “spiritual insight or immediate spiritual communication” (according to Google).

Photo by Yeshi Kangrang via Unsplash.

love personality tests and am an INTJ on the Myers-Briggs scale. If you know anything about the Myers-Briggs personalities, you’ll know that means I am, both, intuitive (energy) and thinking (nature).

These characteristics have always seemed to be on opposing ends of the spectrum, at least to me. I know, for sure, that I tend to listen to “head over heart” and be very logical, even when it comes to emotions. However, I find myself paying much more attention to my intuitions, if you will, lately.

Rather than reasoning myself out of feeling a certain way, or thinking a certain thing, or even doing something that doesn’t feel quite right, I’ve been trying to listen to that inner voice. But, how did I get here? Why did I start listening to my intuition?

To be honest, I’m not really sure how to answer those questions. Here’s what I have been doing, though.

  1. Check in with myself and how I’m feeling more often.
  2. Partake in some long journaling sessions. I just write and write and write. Sometimes things make sense, but more often than not it feels a lot like rambling.
  3. Make an effort to meditate, as often as possible. It doesn’t happen every day, but that’s the goal.
  4. List-making, which is a special skill. Whether it’s books I want to read, creative ideas, chores that need done or any other kind of “goal”, I write them down on the appropriate list. This allows me to have a physical reminder of where I truly want to focus my energy.

Mostly, I’ve simply started paying attention to my instinctive, can’t-shake-them feelings. I may not act them right away, or at all, but do give them the time and acknowledgement they deserve.

Maybe it’s all just part of getting older and, hopefully, wiser. Or that I understand myself much more than I did 10 or 15 years ago. Maybe I’m just more in tune with my true self. Maybe it’s all of those things. Or none of them.

Whatever the reason, I’m not sorry it’s happening. 20-year-old me would have never dreamed it and although she definitely had some gut feelings, most the time she 1000% ignored them. Now, 10+ years later, I’m finally listening.

Intuition. Gut feeling. Instinct. Insight. Sixth sense. Clairvoyance. Inner voice.

Whatever you want to call it, we all have it. Maybe not all the time, but there are select moments when we know something, without a shadow of a doubt.