2017 Goal Update

I started this renewed foray into blogging at the beginning of the year by setting some goals for the coming months. And although some are going better than others, a few have shifted or altered in some way.

So, how are things going at this mid-point, or so, in the year? I’d say fairly decent. Let’s revisit.

  1. Write more. I think I’ve been pretty successful at this, so far. Sure, there were a few weeks missed here and there, but life does happen sometimes. Overall, I’ve managed to write plenty of posts well in advance or have them ready weekly.
  2. Experience more. Well, this is probably the least successful of them all. We’ve officially been relocated for about a year and I can’t say I’ve experienced much of Colorado…due to funds and my general attitude—it’s kinda been a rough year and half! In addition, we’re now the proud parents of a diabetic fur-baby, which does put some constraints on what I’m able to do and still ensure he’s properly taken care of.
  3. Minimize. According to our lease, we actually live in a smaller apartment than last year. I don’t totally buy it because it feels much roomier and homey, but whatever. We haven’t gotten rid of much more, but we do use most of the items we currently have.
  4. Poetry collection. While I like to consider myself a poet, I’m probably not publication material and that’s okay. However, there is something about self-publishing a chapbook or collection that rubs me the wrong away. That something is called my ego and it would much prefer to be an actual published poet, even if it’s just one poem. This is THE goal that has shifted…I’m working on creating a simple zine template to collect, share and house my poems, perhaps by general theme. This would also allow me to create a few editions and create special editions for the very, very few pieces of flash fiction I’ve written. Once completed, I’d create limited initial runs to share with family and super-close friends. Then, if other people were interested, I could trade them or sell them for a extra-nominal fee. In all honesty, I’m even more excited about this zine incarnation because it’s much more hands-on and creative for me to produce 100% by myself, at the kitchen table.
  5. Natural home efforts. So far, so good. Since moving, I’ve used primarily homemade, natural cleaners around the house. We’ve also cleaned up our diet/eating routines quite a bit! And I’m currently in the process of getting my hair care routine closer to the “no poo method” I had been aiming for before cutting it back into a pixie (for shame!).

Did you set any goals for the year? If so, what are they and how are they coming along for you?