30 Days Bra-Free

For starters, I’m slightly bummed about not posting for a few weeks. I’d been doing so well since the beginning of the year, even during the few times I felt like I had nothing to blog about, then I stopped to remind myself that things have been hectic lately and it’s okay to not always be 100% on.

We moved to a new place about a month ago, officially, and have been getting situated here. Some family emergencies, all of which threw me for quite the loop, happened. One of which has been my #1 cat-mom fear…Gizmo was diagnosed with diabetes. It’s been a stressful, emotional roller coaster, but things seem to be starting to settle down. Sooo, I wanted to get back to blogging with this silly little experiment.

Bra-free, as it says in the title, is mostly an exaggeration. But for the entire month of June I didn’t wear a single bra with underwire, which is almost as good!

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Sound & Memory: Appreciating Echoic Memory

The smell of freshly baked cookies and swimming pools can bring back fond memories of childhood. Other, often less pleasant, odors can trigger memories we’d rather forget. And studies have shown that our sense of smell is more effective for memory recall than sight and sound. One reason for this is that the body simply has more scent receptors than it does for the other senses. But sight, sound, and touch all play a role in our ability to access memories.

Although research from the University of Iowa found that we don’t remember what we hear quite as well as what we see or touch, aural learning remains among the seven learning styles, which would suggest that some people process, or even excel at processing, sound better than others.

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Finding Fitness in Your Near-30s

As we all strive to lead healthier, happier lives it is sometimes hard to get into a reliable fitness routine (or maybe it’s just me). I’ve tried working out at home, which just winds up getting entirely off-track because I find some chore or other that needs to be done; I tried CrossFit — once — and decided it wasn’t for me, even though the community aspects sound great; I’ve taken yoga and pilates classes, only to never return again even though I do like them. What happens is this: I think I just get bored.

NPR posted a short blog/quiz about education. The takeaways are that play is integral to healthy development, but it’s not just for kids. However, much like the elusive exercise routine, our oh-so-purposeful adult lives don’t allow us much time to play. I took their quiz, and it was spot on!

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DIY Natural Hair Care

Since I have been trying to be nicer to my lovely locks, I’ve also been trying out various hair care methods. Everything from changing up shampoo/conditioner to less frequent washing. I’m not sure that I can go fully ‘no-poo,’ but I have managed to get to a point where I’m only washing about twice a week. It seemed impossible, but now that I’m past the “my hair looks dirty and awful” phase, I absolutely love it!

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DIY Rope Rug

The transition to a “minimalist” lifestyle isn’t only about limiting the number of physical items you possess, it’s also about working to minimize your footprint on this planet. Oftentimes decluttering belongings, such as clothing and appliances, is the easiest and most logical place to start. But what happens when those tried-and-true possessions are solidified? Is your minimalist journey over?!?

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3 Allergen-Free Oils

So you just discovered you have some food allergies. Bummer! Since you can no longer eat like a normal person — kidding! — you’re right to think that your diet might get a little complicated. You ask yourself if you can do this? Well, yes. Yes, you can! Many of us are always trying to be a bit healthier, so I did a little research to find which oils are allergen-safe.

Education is my friend, and yours! Although I don’t need to swap oils, maybe I can help you transition into this new, über healthful life. All the oils should be easy to find at any local grocery store (I could find them all on Wal-Mart’s website).

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